Email Marketing (eCRM)

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing, also known as eCRM (customer retention marketing) offers a "quick win", directly-measurable and cost-effective form of digital marketing. It enables you to target customers or prospects with specific marketing messages or offers, directly into their inbox and typically build trust, develop relationships and/or drive sales. Performance of a campaign is tracked to directly measure against a predefined set of objectives. Your customer is interested in your brand enough to trust you with their email address, so you should ensure you use it to maximum effectiveness.

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What are the Benefits of Email Marketing?

  • Cost effective – typically send email from less than 1p* per email
  • Segment and target your database to vary marketing messages
  • Measurable – track and measure revenue and ROI
  • Cross-sell/upsell based on previous behaviours
  • Increase brand awareness and loyalty

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How is Email Marketing Carried Out?


Our approach to email marketing includes:


The cornerstone of email marketing and what is delivered to your customer's inbox. Why, what and when a campaign is delivered should not be one-size-fits-all. There are a number of methods that can help to make your list work even harder for you: Triggered Campaigns (Automated) Manage Customer Expectations – eg. thanks for completing our contact form – we’ll be in touch within two hours …… Time-specific – eg. your [course] is next week, don’t forget to bring with you ……. Event-specific – eg. we noticed you still had [items] in your basket but didn’t complete the checkout. Was there a problem with our website? Scheduled Campaigns Broad spectrum marketing messages Targeted marketing messages

Database / List Management

Every email marketing campaign needs a target audience but not all audiences are created equally. Your list should be good quality and engaged. A database of 20,000 contacts is ineffective if 19,000 have never opened one of your emails; 1,000 engaged subscribers is far better than 19,000 uninterested subscribers. We take a look at your database and identify: Ways to achieve Growth of your database Ways to improve the Quality (hygiene) of your list Ways to Segment the list to drive targeted messages (eg. your business sells hiking equipment and you have a sale on hiking socks, so you design a “sock special” email and only send it to customers who have previously purchased hiking boots)


Our role doesn’t stop once a campaign has been broadcast. We examine past campaign performance and use those findings to refine future campaigns and messages. Testing of different elements of a campaign increases engagement and can include: Subject lines Time of day Day of week Copy/imagery Offers

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