Google Updates Mobile Friendliness Testing Tool

Google Updates Mobile Friendliness Testing Tool

Posted 18/05/2016 : By: Netmatters Digital

In November 2014, Google launched their mobile friendly testing tool. A simple tool available in your web browser that would allow you to enter a URL, and Google would give you a yes or no as to whether your site was considered mobile friendly, along with some tips on how to improve if needed. This tool became essential for webmasters and SEOs as mobile sessions overtook desktop and making sure your site was mobile friendly in Google’s eyes was essential. This is still true and mobile friendliness is still a strong factor in Google’s rankings.

Fast forward to May 2016 and Google has given their mobile friendly testing a tool a bit of an update which they announced on their webmaster blog. It has received a new look and a new way to display any improvements your site can use. Yaniv Loewenstein from the google search console team has written about the new change:

The updated tool provides us with room to continue to improve on its functionality, and over time, we expect it to replace the previous Mobile Friendly Test. Additionally, of course, this tool also works well on your smartphone, if you need to double-check something there!”

The new look follows Google’s Material Design guidelines with simple but bold colour palettes and a card interface. The update leaves plenty of room for future improvements and the effort to change a simple tool only reinforces the importance Google places on mobile friendliness. 

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